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18th August 2022 
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Specialist Children and Young People's Counsellor in Warley, Brentwood

What is child and adolescent counselling?
Child and adolescent counselling involves encouraging young people to express themselselves, just as with adult "talking therapies". A counsellor often uses art and play where appropriate -which allows children and adolescents to explore their thoughts and feelings in a way that is most comfortable for them. It could be recommended for young people who are physically healthy but who are struggling with temporary or permanent emotional diffculties. There might have been a bereavement, exam stress, bullying or sudden changes have had an impact on their self esteem. A wide range of young people's problems can here be adressed ranging from anxiety, bereavement; bullying, anger, exam stress, relationship problems and low self-esteem. Other mental health problems such as learning difficulties, eating disorders, depression or self-harm can be treated as well. Ideally counselling would be offered for free at schools and colleges where young people could gain access to it when ever difficulties arise but unfortunately many schools can not afford to provide this service.

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How can child and adolescent counselling help?

I offer children and adolescents a safe space to gently explore, what is going on for them. This can promote the young people's awareness and create an ability to understand as well as connect with their own feelings, circumstances and motivations. I help them to put this understanding into their own words so they can make sense of them. I meet everyone in their own world and aim to accompany them through this journey. Often we work "in the metaphor" (as counsellors would call it) because working through themes with the help of toys or art materials does not make it necessary to speak directly about the issues at first. This way it is possible to discover and access the specific, unique reasons for the various difficulties the young people bring and gradually address them. By feeling heard and understood they can then be enabled to work through these difficulties in a safe and gentle way. I can provide them with access to coping strategies and and psycho-education tailored to their age and the issues we are looking at so they are eventually empowered to put these approaches into practice by themselves.

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Child and Adolescent Counsellor offering therapeutic child and teenage support as well as young people's counselling in Brentwood, Essex (close to Romford, Chelmsford, Basildon and Billericay)

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